VIROPURE Water treatment Viropure is used as a drinking water treatment, for the control of Salmonella, E coli, Campylobacter, Clostridium and many other commercially important pathogens in livestock POULTRY 1. For treatment of poultry drinking water to ensure reduction of pathogens in birds prior to slaughter in order to reduce pathogen loading into the Abattoir. For each of the final three days prior to slaughter. Fill header tanks and close off water supply. Add 4 litre Viropure per 1000lt water in tank. Allow tanks to be drunk to empty then re open water supply. Repeat procedure each day for the two days. No withdrawal period is required. It is recommended to keep the poultry on the treated water during the catching period. 2. For continuous treatment of water during grow out repeat as above in 1 with first water supplied at placement of chicks, and allow chicks to drink all the treated water. Once this initial treated water has been drunk open the fresh water supply and continue with untreated water. At days 10 and 17 and 25 repeat as in section 1 above for two consecutive days, DAIRY CALVES Treat with Viropure Bovine Mix 10 ml of Viropure Bovine to each liter of milk replacer and offer at morning and evening feedings. Where water quality is very poor or observed scours are present, this dosage can be increased to 20 ml per liter or animals can be directly drenched at this rate SHEEP Treat as above for cattle but treat drinking water OSTRICH At placement of chicks treat drinking water at 4 ml per liter. Treat sufficient water to ensure all chicks have access to treated water for at least an hour. Repeat daily for first seven days. Thereafter treat water for three days every week, treating sufficient water for all birds to have access for at least one hour, thereafter treat with untreated fresh water