06 Aug

ENTREPENEUR, Fancy word for a crazy person following their dreams

Now, i understand the method to my madness and i wont have it any other way .  I always Aspire to Inspire and on the 31st of August during our 2nd workshop of Boer Maak n Plan it was again very evident . 

A great Author and business mentor once told me that Sheep will never Rule the world and that is so true.. sheep is followers and Entrepreneurs is Leaders , one of a kind people so lets Lead , lead in Thoughts,  lead in Actions and lead in Words 

Our mentorship program's  mission is to create Leaders and create a space for these crazy kind of people  . Leaders that learn by listening , looking and doing 

Workshop covered the following in Broiler Farming :

Rearing Management

Feed & Feeding 

Lighting Regime

Networking building Video 


With that being said ,here is a look into our awesome day

Sponsored by Our poultry Place Foundation (NPC)

Keep well and keep warm

Farm Greetings 

Your farmer

Jo-andra Cloete Greegory

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