11 May

This is one of my very proud moments and the only reason why I'm still doing what i do in terms of mentorship and training 

Allow me to introduce this hardworking young man with a great passion for poultry farming ,Ryan

Ryan is based in Montague and the first time we met he took a taxi from there to collect his first 100 day old's chicks from our farm .. I was sooooo inspired and this was the start of his project .

A bit worried about the chicks cause the Taxi driver put them in the boot , the chicks made it all  alive and chirpy through their  exciting journey to their new home . We advised and trained Ryan via WhatsApp cause this became a long distance relationship and after a couple weeks he contacted us all excited to place his second  order and told us he was sold out 

This is his part time project for he is still permanently employed . His project is doing extremely well and he even increased his last order by 50 chicks

Our Poultry Place would like to use this opportunity to wish him well and once again it just shows "where there is a will there is a way "

ryan the small broiler farmer
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