22 Feb

What an awesome and exciting way to start 2022. 

If the past 2 years taught me anything, it is to show kindness and empathy towards others. So many lives was lost , many businesses  closed down and if paying forward only used to be a term it now became my way of life. Pay it forward by making sure other people's dreams turn into realities and being part of someone's beginning

Our Poultry Place curated  Farmers Clinics Broiler Production Training in partnership with the host FoodForMzansi  media outlet to make dreams come true and turning passion into success stories.  

First faze of the training was last Saturday and our prayer is that it is the start of many.

We gained so much knowledge in our field by making our own mistakes and learning from others  hence we cant think of anyone better to guide you on your Poultry Journey.

If we cant create a 1000 jobs we can surely build a network that can ,by empowering others with training and mentorship. We intend to give away a 1000 chicks in sponsorship of emerging farmers this year .During the course of 2022 beneficiaries of this will be identified.

It was so great seeing the passion and hope in the eyes for our attendees. May their businesses grow from strength to strength.. And may their way of living be of such a way that you will always pay it forward 

Paying it forward , creates HOPE, FAITH , SELFLESSNESS and a better WORLD

May your passion be your driver of success and May Grace follow you on your Entrepreneurial Journey


Your Chicken Farmer





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