06 Jul

This must be one of the coldest winters we are  experiencing in the past  few years 

This is not the most conducive weather for us small poultry farmers and even bigger farmers reported huge loses due to the cold weather 

This is how our resilience is tested , farming is not for the faint-hearted , 

When preparing your broderie for your new chicks , please consider the following: Heating can be provided by gas and electric brooders as well as infra red lights 

Day 1 , the house need to be an ambient temperature of between 28 -32  Celsius degrees

Brooder temperature should then be reduced by 0.5 Celsius degrees per day to achieve a final house temperature of 23 Celsius degrees by 3 weeks 

Lack of heat also results in slow growth and  slow weight gain .It will take longer  before we can sell and often causes a spike in pricing 

I know this sounds all fancy but believe me this can save you a lot of tears and financial loses .. Lets not estimate or think ,get you a thermometer so at least you can  be certain of what the temperatures is and you will then know what heating solution to use

If you do to have access to electricity you can make fire(mbaula system) but even when you do you still need a thermometer to make sure heat is sufficient . BUY BROODERS HERE

Advise is free and we can also give some tips on how to retain heat in your chicken coop

All your heating solutions is available at Our Poultry Place and is just a click away . If you need any info or assistance regarding this ,you are welcome to send us an email or a WhatsApp for assistance. BUY BROODERS HERE


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