22 Apr

On the 19th of April, Jo-andra Cloete Greegory the Director of Our Poultry Place Foundation was a Guest Speaker at a Agri-Career day held at Charles Hofmeyer High School Ceres in  the Western Cape put together by S.A best agricultural  publication food for Mzansi.
This event was attended by 300 learners, Grade 11 and Grade 12's who is now faced with 1 of the most important decisions of their life. Career choice. This is such and important time for them. We get groomed from Creche by having Career Dress Up days, right through our school years but we are never prepared enough. People always ask what do you wanna be when you grow up , very casually not realizing the importance of it. 

At this event Jo-andra shared her journey and how she ended up a Chicken Farmer but most importantly she encouraged the youth to make their choice. She believe that there is 2 choices , a right 1 and Your choice The right 1 is how the world view and influence choices made by people and Your Choice is led by your principle and your believe in who you are meant to be, What you want to do and what you want to be. Making Your Choice is so so important cause you will have to live it daily for the rest of your life . It will determine how you you spend your days on earth as well as your mental and emotional well being. How you fit into society and the community you are part off. Your choice can be misunderstood and it might not  be glamourous enough the same way Agriculture is viewed. Let alone being a Chicken Farmer, people always tell me you don't look or smell like one.

We need to change the narrative and the views of our youth and what better way of making them understand that Agriculture has so much to offer.
Being a farmer herself , she very well understands that the different hats you have to wear daily . Often called a Jack of All Trades hence the importance of these information sessions, letting them know of all the services needed by farmers. To mention a few , Accountants, Vicenarians, Engineers, Administrators, Bookkeepers, Soil Scientists, Researchers, Roboteers , Software developers and the list goes on. There is literally a career choice for every letter of the Alphabet in Agriculture.. Isn't it Amazing ???

The youth was informed , educated , motivated and inspired at this event and now we can only trust that they will make their choice.
#Your choice.. #Choose  Agriculture.

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