2022 Basic Broiler Production Management Short Course

Farming requires faith in ones self, it require you to give your everything and demands you sacrifice out there for right here so you can see result of your labor. 

This understanding is what continues to push us towards making sure that no farmer is left alone and that is why we year in year out strife to make sure whatever knowledge is required to make a success of this calling is provided for with the support of non profit foundation (OUR POULTRY PLACE FOUNDATION).

This years Basic Broiler Production Management Short Course was held last Saturday hosted by Joandra Cloete (our director) attended by many new and intending poultry farmers, it was a full house we all learned, asked questions and we made new business contacts.

To everyone that attended the training once again thank you for daring to dream thank you for wanting more and thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

Congrats class 2022