Elevate Your Poultry Farming at Our Exclusive Workshop - Funding Partners, Halal Board, and More!

Dear Poultry Enthusiasts and Farmers,Get ready for an extraordinary one-day poultry farming workshop brought to you by Our Poultry Place Foundation at the serene Our Poultry Place Farm! This event promises unparalleled learning and networking opportunities, and here's the exciting news: we have esteemed funding partners onboard, Halaal certification experts, and the Department of Agriculture Reps will be joining us.

Event Details:

Why This Workshop Is Unmissable: At Our Poultry Place Foundation, we are dedicated to fostering excellence in poultry farming. This workshop is your golden ticket to harnessing the latest insights and practical skills:

A. Essential Tips for Starting a Poultry farm, Learn the key steps to successfully establish and maintain your own poultry farm.

B. The Importance of Proper Housing in Poultry farming. Discover the significance of providing suitable housing for your poultry farming and the impact it can have on the health and productivity of your flock.

C. Best Practices for Feeding and Nutrition in Poultry    Explore the essential guidelines for feeding and ensuring optimal nutrition for your poultry farm, and how it can affect the overall well-being of your birds.

D. Effective Disease Management Strategies for Poultry Farming Learn about common diseases in poultry farming and the preventative measures and treatment options available to maintain a healthy flock.

E. Maximizing Profitability in Poultry                            Discover tips and strategies to maximize profits in your poultry business, including marketing, cost management, and diversifying your product range.

  1. Expertise Galore: Learn from industry pioneers, experts, and our funding partners, who will reveal trade secrets and cutting-edge practices for poultry farming success.
  2. Onsite Application: Yes, you read that right! Our funding partners will be present with application forms onsite, ready to discuss funding opportunities for your poultry venture.
  3. Halaal Certification: If you're involved in the Halaal poultry market, our Halaal board experts will guide you through the certification process and best practices.
  4. Government Support: The Department of Agriculture will be on hand to provide guidance, resources, and updates on industry regulations.
  5. Hands-On Sessions: Immerse yourself in interactive, hands-on workshops covering vital aspects of poultry farming, from nutrition to biosecurity.
  6. Networking Bonanza: Forge lasting connections with fellow poultry farmers, share experiences, and strengthen your network within the industry.

Seize the Opportunity: Don't miss this chance to expand your knowledge and grow your poultry farming business. Secure your place at this transformative workshop by registering online at [https://www.ourpoultryplace.co.za/boer-maak-n-plan-form] or filling out application forms onsite.

Join the Poultry Revolution: Our Poultry Place Foundation is here to empower you for success in the poultry farming world. Whether you're starting or aiming for greater heights, this workshop is your gateway. Stay updated with the latest event news by visiting our website at [Insert Website Link] and following us on [Insert Social Media Handles].

See you at the workshop - where poultry farming dreams take flight!

Warm regards,


Our Poultry Place Foundation