Free Entrepreneurship Training at Our Poultry Place Farm Hosted by Services Seta  & UWC

This is a 2-day entrepreneurship training that will take place on Tuesday, 4th and Wednesday, 5th October. The training will start at 09h00 until 15h00. Lunch will be provided.

training options, the trainees will be able to choose from 4 options, depending on whether they are from:

1) a startup enterprise

2) Established enterprise

3) cooperative

4) NPO

All the trainees will need to have a certified copy of their identity document to present on the day for the training
For option (1) start up training, only a certified ID is required
Those electing to do option (2) training for an established enterprise, also need to have a certified copy of their CIPC registration document. If they are not a director, but an employee of the business, a letter from the enterprise/business stating that they are employed by the enterprise is also needed.
If any trainees are from a cooperative, (training option 3), a certified copy of the CIPC document and identity document is required.

Similarly, any trainee is from an NPO, (training option 4), a certified ID and NPO certification is required if they are directors. If the trainees are not directors, then a letter stating that they are employed by the organisation is needed..

Interested applicants please send the required info to