Graduates of Boer Maak n Plan Poultry Training  Program 2021.

I am honestly lost for words , first time ever even if I had to say so myself
We started this program because  of our  passion for farming and how we need to see more young South Africans get involved in farming. 

Today I'm writing and sharing this with so much pride and joy ..feeling truly like a mother hen who' s eggs hatched Healthy happy chicks,  Saturday 28th of August we held our last workshop of the Boer Maak n Plan Poultry Program of 2021 and this was also our graduation day.

It wasn't easy for us because we had our workshops during the coldest months of the year and the coldest year in 10 years but with so much zeal and determination the mentees/future farmers put in the time and the work needed to build their coops from scratch on weekends and after work with what ever recycled materials they had available Farming is not for the faint hearted and it requires dedication lots of prayer and patience. The mentees showed us that they posses all these important qualities and pushed through
Once again with happy tears in my eyes we would like to congratulate all, wish them well and like I always preach " Value yourselves so that others will see the value in you" Let your passion drive  your success

Greetings Super Proud Mother Hen 

more pictures below